Drömmen – World Show Winner in Showmanship

69283325_867990546918735_473266801443078144_nJa nu börjar helt klart höstmörkret smyga sig på. Det börjar bli svårt att rida för de som har utebana att tillgå då väder och vind ställer till det. Då kan det vara bra att drömma sig tillbaka till soligare dagar med tävlingar men det är också ett ypperligt tillfälle att träna exempelvis Showmanship. Det är lättare för hästarna att utföra på hårda utebanor och vi som ryttare håller oss definitivt varma trots kyligare grader.
Vi har fått en intervju med NSBA World Show Winner in Showmanship 14-18 som vi hoppas ska kunna inspirera er att jobba vidare inför nästa års tävlingar. 396903_10150437868680776_718094802_n

Personligen lärde jag känna Cori Cansdale när jag jobbade i USA 2011 och hon var ett litet barn på en stor häst. Denna häst, som kallades 24, erhåller en speciell plats i Coris hjärta!
Läs vidare och se hur han är med henne på tävlingar även efter hans död.

Hi Cori! How old are you and your horse? 18740783_1346161748814178_3929908187469045015_n
Hi, I am 18 years old and my horse is 16. His name is Promotional Asset (Chucky). I have owned him for 4 years.

How many hours per week do you practice Showmanship and how do you keep your horse alert? My horse is about 12 hours away from me so I don’t practice every week but when I am up there I constantly practice.
My trainer Nancy Renfro keeps him perfect for me!

How do you prepare yourself mentally to go in to the show pen before a big show like NSBA World Show?  I try to think of big shows like this as a regular show so I don’t get extremely nervous.

What would you say is the biggest difference between a big show like this and a smaller, local show? The biggest difference between this and a smaller show is the prelims/ semis/ finals. At a normal show, you show once and are done for the day. At the Youth World, you can (hopefully) show 3 times in one day in the same event.

What are the tree most important ingredients for you and your horse to complete a 69616682_2368742593222750_3744535179381702656_nperfect showmanship class? I’m thinking mentally, your position, the horses warm up or something like that? I think the most important piece in competing in the showmanship is preparation: you need to feel comfortable with your pattern and with your horse.

What would you tell someone who’s big dream is to succeed in showmanship?
I would tell this person to never give up. Work your tail off and keep your head down, never let a negative person get into your head! Be confident in your abilities, but never too confident as to get cocky.

What can you not be without during a horse show? Do you have something that you always bring? 404836_10150437868500776_1818236168_n
I always have a piece of my first horse, RL Skys Big Leaguer’s (24), tail braided into Chuck’s fake tail. Since we had to put 24 down when I was little, I feel the piece of his tail makes it like he is out there with us watching over us as we show.

What’s next for you? Any big dreams your working towards? I just moved into college so I will not be able to attend the Congress, but I will be able to attend some shows here and there this year.

My goals are to have another great year just like this one!

Thank you Cori for your time. I just LOVE that 24 is still with you in the show pen! Absolutely Amazing! Good luck with everything in the future 69245219_352698605678968_5112204511917637632_n

Foto: Equine Chronicle, Danielle Long, Eric Mendrysa, Shane Rux

Text: Josefin Odeberg

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