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We are a couple of friends who loves the all-around events of western riding. We all show at different levels and this is our greatest hobby. As a result of our passion for this sport we have developed a web magazine for riders showing in these events. We have named it “My Western Pleasure”.

Vision: Providing you with information and knowledge about showing horses in the all-around events of western riding. Information will be presented in articles, videos and livestreams with the purpose to inspire and discuss important matters of the sport.

We hope that we can give you perspective and help you think about how we all can develop the sport together and eventually get more exhibitors to join the sport and horse shows.



Linn Olersbacken Hellberg & AAQ Awesome Topnotch. Photo credit: Gert Andersson

Linn Olersbacken Hellberg has been a western rider since the age of 5. She has been working for all-around trainers in Europe and USA. Linn is showing in the nation, mainly in Showmanship and in hand classes. Her goal is to show at the European Championships for quarter horses.

Josefin Odeberg & Great Crim Salabim. Photo credit: Mi Ritzén.

Josefin Odeberg lives in Nyköping. She has always been a western rider and started showing 2004. For the last couple of years she has been showing her quarter horse gelding Great Crim Salabim. She is manly showing in Showmanship och Trail and has worked for allround trainers in both Europe and USA. 2017 she started her own business JO Showhorses. Josefin is a true entusiast for the sport and wants to do what she can to keep making it and its performers develope.

Anna Lejvell & My Best Nvestment. Photo credit: Lux company

Anna Lejvell has successfully shown horses in the allaround events in both the nation and Europe. She has recently been working as an assistant trainer att Vickery Performance Horses in the States and is currently working for Gil Galyean Quarter Horses. Anna is reporting from all the biggest shows ”over there”!

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